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Please know that this is not an easy thing to admit publicly, so I hope you understand the difficulty and vulnerability I’m facing by writing this;

Due to an issue that I’ve been suffering with for my lifetime, and after much consideration with my family & doctors, it has been recommended to me to obtain a service dog. It’s taken me a while to admit that I would benefit from such assistance and come to terms with the fact that I do, in fact, suffer from a disability. The reward for this self-awareness is starting to feel relief knowing that there’s a perfect solution out there for my problems.

I’ve gone through the approval process and am now a candidate for a dog through a wonderful organization based out of San Diego called Little Angels. This is a non-profit organization, so their goal is to provide these dogs at no cost to the disabled. It really is a wonderful program, and they help partner war vets, people with autism, those who suffer from seizures and all sorts of people with dogs that change their lives profoundly. I’m hoping to be one of those people and am currently on a waiting list for one of these little guys.

What I’m asking is if you could spare a little on behalf of this wonderful organization, I’d be forever grateful to you. I have the goal of raising $10,000 to help support Little Angels to help people get their dogs. I understand and truly appreciate what a gift an animal will in my life, and have made the commitment to this organization, and will be helping them with future events by face-painting, as well as donating my time and resources for design work, as well as helping with the actual vests for the dogs. I hope you can help Little Angels as well!

I know it’s a lot to ask for people to open their wallets, but as always, I appreciate and love the support I’ve had from all of you over the years, and would in turn ask you to help and support Little Angels by clicking here.


At the very least, I do thank you for taking the time to read this.
<3 Christina

To learn more about this organization, you can visit their site here


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